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What we do

Microsoft Support

We provide Microsoft support to trouble shoot any issues that the windows in your system might be facing, whether it’s technical errors, looking for installation or re-installation of windows, slowness of the system, looking for windows repair or any other issues your windows version is facing. You will get a bouquet of solutions for:

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Trouble shooting

Your computers have a comprehensive range of hardware components and software applications which runs in a collaboration to make your system work, thus any problem in any of the component or application can cause system failure. At this point of time you need some quick fix solutions to trouble shoot the problems.

Whether you are using a system at home or working in a business setup, you might encounter a lot of computer failure issues, which not only frustrates you but also hinders your work and can be quite disastrous if it occurs in your business environment.

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Malware Removal

Our malware removal service offers you 24/7 technical support on just a call.

Whether your computer is running on windows8, Windows7, Windows vista, Windows 2000, or on servers like Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2008, and Windows Server 2003, our software removal tool, an anti-malware application scans your computer for any sort of malicious operation by softwares like Blaster, Sasser, Mydoomâ. Once a malware or any other viral infection is detected, it removes it then and there to restores security in your machine.

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